is now inside!!! Posted - April 6, 2017 is now live inside!

All CCBill IDs have been merged or imported into Nubiles Cash.

Please login to your existing NubilesCash account and visit, Account >> Edit account information and review the 'Legacy Account' section. We matched all IDs based on your email on file with CCBill. If that didn't match, we looked at the email on file over at the old webmaster area. If neither matched, we created an account for you.

If we created a new account for you, to login to your new account and update your payout information, please use the username recovery to retrieve your newly generated username, followed by the password recovery to generate a new password.

You will not need to update any linking codes. Your old CCBill links will be converted and tracked in either the existing matched account, or your new account.

If you h ave any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to hit up either Belinda or Kristin.