Sick of giving away free content and tubes getting too much? Posted - April 5, 2016

No other business in the world gives away everything to webmasters and tubes. If you could watch Game of Thrones for free in entirety, then why pay for HBO. Holding back new scenes six months or so before giving them to the tubes makes no difference. Members or surfers do not know the difference between a new scene. Now if you mention its a new site or new series then we feel that it holds more weight.

So here is what we did for our new series
1. Releasing a pilot episode scene for tubes and promo content.
2. Advertising the site as a series like you might find on Netflix.
3. Advertising of the exclusivity of the new series only being found at the membership site
4. Holding back on the long tubes released until there is enough demand
5. We also plan to create seasons so we can release season 1 as promo content and start advertising season 2.

So far the results have been very good revenue wise. Id like to see other programs follow our lead. presents an exclusive new series:

If you thought was wrong, you are going to love

If you need anything else that is not provided, please don't hesitate to hit up Kristin or Belinda.